Trustee Scott Miller deletes personal data

A meeting that was setup with Scott Miller and a volunteer to discuss a complaint and was recorded by Scott Miller on his phone.  He asked the volunteer, in the meeting, if they would like the meeting recording, the volunteer agreed as it would save them making notes.

Scott then made made excuse after excuse that he was unable to send the recording after he meeting.  Even though he has a 1Tb OneDrive via the NWBB Office 365 charity agreement.  Instead, Scott made excuse after excuse, then passed personal details to his staff at his own private business who he claims accidentally deleted it.

Why is Scott Miller passing private and sensitive information to staff within an unrelated private business about a blood bike volunteer  The Business in Question is Millers UK Ltd.

It has also been brought to my attention that a Trustee of the charity, Mr Scott Miller was awarded a contract to refit the charity Head Quarters.  This contact is believed to be in excess of £25,000.  I am told that this did not go to a fair tender and Scott Miller, both trustee and Freemason won the contract (or was he given it).

Edit 28/7/2018 17:00

Scott has replied to the above allegation stating he provided labour free of charge and the equipment was provided at cost. He has expressed that the charity paid the supplier direct.  I have request evidence of this payment.

This is Scott Millers company listed as a sponsor of the charity

Funny it does not mention the contract he fulfilled (paid or otherworldly) or that he is a Freemason?


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