Updates on legal action or should I say THREATS

Not surprisingly, we have found a direct link to the North West Blood bikes and the Solicitor firm, Harrison Drury.

This link is Blood Bike Rider (BBR439), Richard Blackburn.  Ironically, Head of ‘risk and compliance‘ of all things!

The initial barrage of letters sent by this firm were signed using a FAKE signature.  This was a hand written signature of a person that ‘does not exist‘, and was written in a way that a ‘reasonable person would believe it was an individual. I called the firm to ask for this person, only to be told there is NO SUCH PERSON…  The firm then went into ‘DODGE’ mode, no one was available to talk.

I have reported the firm to the SRA (Solicitors Regulation Authority) for using this fake signature to hide behind, as they threatened litigation if I do not DESTROY evidence.

So, simply put, North West Blood Bikes Charity, paid a Solicitor a large sum of charity money, to send a threatening legal letter to try to destroy evidence relating to criminal offences.

Furthermore, litigation was threatened if I do NOT disclose the identities of the Whistleblowers, many of whom provided this evidence of criminality and did so under the protection afforded to Whistleblowers, yet, Harrison Drury believe their status as a Solicitor will pressure me to breach their data.

Have no fear, I will NOT reveal any of your identities, you are protected by law.  I will also not destroy the evidence that north west blood bikes are so desperate that I do. We still encourage whistleblowers from North West Blood bikes, please contact us as per our contact page.

Anonymity is guaranteed.


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